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Marie Royce is an experienced diplomat, professor, and businesswoman.  She is a skilled diplomat and has recently served as Assistant Secretary of State, Educational and Cultural Affairs, where she oversaw two Presidentially appointed boards, and a budget of $760M. She was unanimously confirmed by the US Senate.  Marie has served as an Executive within several Fortune 500 companies.

With her extensive experience in business and public sector roles, Marie Royce is an expert in her field. This includes business administration, board management, and public diplomacy. To learn more about her accomplishments or the experience that Marie Royce can provide, reach out to her.

A Talented Educator

In addition to providing her skills to the corporate world, Marie Royce is also a talented educator. She served as a full-time visiting professor and faculty member at California State Polytechnic University, which is also where she received her BSBA. As an educator, she aimed to pass on her knowledge and skills to her students while giving them the resources they need to achieve success in business.

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